Android 12 Beta | Features and Reviews | Can You Get Android 12 Beta?

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Android 12 Beta is a free operating system for your mobile phone and tablet. The system provides lots of new features for your devices. However, this is a beta release of the software and it isn’t yet fully completed.

This beta is available as a free download. As it is still the beta release of Android 12, many features are still missing; notable among them is the game mode.

Android 12 Beta

Android 12 Beta Review

The system is an improved version of Android 11 and Android 10, offering more features and a few redesigns. The notification shade is more playful and vibrant than in either of the previous releases and clearly displays apps.

Opt-In For Android 12 Beta

You can opt into the beta version of Android through your Google account. To view if you’re using the beta, navigate to your ‘about phone’ section and look for SPB before the system’s build number. If you have that code, you’re using the beta version.

The Android 12 Beta is a great version of the Android software although there are still some noticeable flaws. Since this is just a beta version, these flaws won’t be there by the time it is fully released.
Although it is an upgrade over the previous Android 11, it is not advisable to download the Android 12 beta version yet as it still has some glitches.

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For many phones, the new customization features are a quick way to personalize. With an improved collection of colors for themes, you can now pick how widgets appear.

Advantages of Android 12 Beta

Features such as scrolling screenshots, conversation widgets, and improved visibility are a great aid in daily life. These features make the system feel free, a major improvement in the Android market.

Additionally, animations are improved and transition smoothly. Viewing which app is currently using your resources is another great aspect of Android 12 Beta. The new quick menu gives you control of the operating system in a single swipe.

There are other features like an improved “one hands-on”, a delightful, editable, and colorful “Material You”, the ability to unlock your car from your phone, new toggle settings, and lots more.

Drawbacks for the Android 12 Beta

The Android 12 Beta is only available for Pixel phones, from the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 5. Samsung phones are not enabled to opt-in for the beta.