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Amazon has launched a new clubhouse app called Amp. This app brings out the DJ version of yourself. Well, we’ve had it coming, and it’s finally here; Amazon’s version of Clubhouse.

Amazon Amp App

Why is it Unique?

This obviously is the first question that comes to mind when you see this app because almost every social media platform has got a Clubhouse-like feature already. Clubhouse started the trend and we’ve got everyone following including Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and so on.

Now Amazon; Amp allows users to host their own live shows, set up topics where listeners can get into the conversation or show by calling in or requesting to speak. The “DJ” feature allows hosts to play music in real-time with their audience by choosing from a massive library of songs.

It’s almost like Amazon asked the world, “How would you like to own your own radio show?” Amazon has signed up popular artists; Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, and Tinashe, lots of social media influencers and radio hosts to create content for the app.

Amp Review

Most Clubhouse-like apps created their idea based on a live chat feature. Amp ideas is based on radio hosting. Although there’s a five-person limit on callers right now which would definitely be increased with time this app already promises great potential.

Furthermore, no Clubhouse-like app has music licensing agreements as Amazon does.
“Amp infuses what listeners love about radio with what’s made possible by today’s technology.” John Ciancutti, vice president of Amp said in a post

How to Download the Amp App

Sign up for Amp today and start hosting your own live radio show. Hosts and listeners won’t need to subscribe to any service to use this app or tune in.

Currently, the app is still in its beta phase i.e it’s being tested. You’d have to wait a little to get it. The app is currently available for iPhone in beta, but this requires an invitation to join or you could sign up and join the waiting list of users ready to grab this opportunity.

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