This comes at a time when a similar competition which had been planned for Europe was scrapped after a backlash of opposition to the idea

Caf president Patrice Motsepe, the former Mamelodi Sundowns president, has given the green light for an African Super League.

Motsepe says the concept of an African Super League is already in discussion. He also mentioned that Caf plans to learn from their European counterparts on how to go about it.

“We are assessing and in preliminary discussions to start an inclusive and broadly supported and beneficial Caf African Super League,” he said in a statement, as quoted by Reuters.

“We have been following the attempts by some top European clubs to form a Euro Super League and will learn from their experience and pitfalls.”

Motsepe has been the Caf president since March after replacing Ahmad Ahmad, although according to the Reuters report, it was actually Fifa president Gianni Infantino who first mooted the concept of an African Super League.

Infantino’s suggestion was that the African Super League would have 20 permanent member clubs, as well as others who would qualify via regional play-offs. He predicted it would bring in US $3-billion over a five-year period.

Motsepe supports the idea and believes a Super League would “contribute to African football becoming globally competitive and self-sustaining”.

Apart from the financial windfalls a Super League would potentially bring, Motsepe also hopes that such a competition could help improve African football’s global image.

“There is a poor perception of Caf concerning its adherence to governance, auditing, ethical, financial and management good practices,” he said.

“These negative perceptions may, to some extent, be confirmed by the incriminating and damning audit which identified irregular, unethical and improper transactions and conduct.”

The European Super League idea was met with huge opposition, particularly by fans, other clubs, ex-players, and even current players.

This resulted in it being called off.

Twelve of Europe’s leading teams had agreed to create the league – six Premier League clubs in Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, as well as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus from Italy, and Spanish sides Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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