Abbas Reward | Chapter one

Long time ago, a widower named awulo once live with his two children, Abbas and naomi in the land of the deltans. abbas wasthe elder of the two sister. She was very beautiful, but arrogant and lazy, she think only of her own good. Naomi, on the other hand, was not as beautiful as her elder siister, but
she was humble and hardworking. She was also very kind to a fault.

No one I the town could point a finger of guilt to her she was a good example of a good character unlike sister. Their father used to wonder how such different personalities can come from the same womb. Their mother had abandoned them to the care of their father when they were just five and two years old respectively. So, their father had to raise them alone, and for sixteen years, he had done that. Awulo was a reputable cotton farmer. He had farm of cotton Wihich was the largest in the entire region.

The farm was doing well and was almost ready for harvest when disaster struck. On that fateful day, after a heavy rain, a swarm of locusts attacked and destroyed every budding crop on the farm, not a single crop was spared . the insect were so many that they formed a cloud of dark sky over the farm .it was such a great disaster, Awulo wept like a baby when he got to the farm next day and saw the destruction before him, What sin have I committed to warrant this misfortune, he cried have I offended the gods in any way, to send this calamity my way, The days that followed were tortuous for awulo. He nearly ran mad . how would I start again, where
would I get the money to, he remembered what he always says to his daughters. Whatever you sow you will surely reap .a person will not soe yam seed and reap maize in return.

Have I sown wickedness to
reap this mishap, abbas believe her father always says these words spite her, as the elder sister, abbas had stopped doing most of the home chores, in fact she believed naomi should be the one doing all the chores .and Naomi had been doing the chores without complaint.

I would see when you go to your husband,s house whether you will come and call Naomi to help you with the home chores, lazy bones ; awulo once chastised her.
Papa you are old school ; she replied what is the point learning to do all the chores that my maids will eventually be doing I get married

To Be Continued

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