Check Out Google declears new Chromecast with the new Google TV interface

After seven years on the market, Google is finally giving the Chromecast its most-requested feature: a foreign control. Today, the corporate is announcing the launch of a replacement Chromecast that also runs new software. And its official name is that the somewhat awkward “Chromecast with Google TV.” the corporate is resurrecting the Google TV as an interface layer that runs on top of the particular OS powering the new Chromecast, Android TV.

The Chromecast with Google TV will cost $49.99 and is out there within the US beginning today. Actually, it had been available a few days ago if you happened to go to the proper Home Depot, and Chris Welch has already posted his review which you’ll go check out immediately . Also It comes in three colors: gray, pink, and blue (or as Google calls them, “snow, sunrise, and sky”). It’s available for preorder during a few other countries also , including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and therefore the UK.

The new Chromecast has nearly all an equivalent capabilities of the Chromecast Ultra, supporting 4K HDR at up to 60 frames per second and Dolby Vision. It’s still an HDMI dongle that you simply plug into the rear of your TV rather than being alittle box you set thereunder . It also still supports all an equivalent cast functionality. But now that it’s running the Google TV skin on top of Android TV, it’s its own on-screen interface that you simply can navigate with the remote . The interface looks pretty standard for streaming boxes, more like Amazon’s Fire TV than of the Roku or Apple TV.

The remote itself seems perfectly fine. Also It’s relatively small and uses both IR and Bluetooth. it’s an influence button and volume buttons for controlling your TV and audio system . It also has an input button, which suggests you’ll be less likely to wish to succeed in for an additional remote to modify over to the Chromecast if HDMI-CEC fails to modify you over (which it often does).

There’s another very fascinating button on the remote: Netflix. Google declined to disclose any details on the negotiations that led thereto button, but it’s probably safe to mention that somebody paid somebody. It sits next to the YouTube button, and there’s in fact also a Google Assistant button.

As for supported content, Google TV covers everything Android TV does, and it’s special integration for YouTube TV. Google says other live TV providers will have equal access to its Live tab via an equivalent API, which it’s in discussions with some — including Sling. Unfortunately, Google TV doesn’t appear to possess Apple TV support yet

Oddly, the new Chromecast can’t do what the old Chromecast Ultra can do: stream Stadia games. It’s an odd omission and regardless of the technical details are that prevent it need to are figured out by launch. Instead, Google says Stadia are going to be available for it within the half of 2021,

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