Check Out Google’s new ‘Hold for Me’ feature saves you from elevator music

Hello guys, For many folks , calling a doctor’s office, an insurance carrier, customer support, or indeed any quite administrative office has become an exercise in frustration — especially lately , when demand increased and cuts in staffing have made phone waits interminable. Yes, you’ll simply use speakerphone to watch the road , but does one actually need to concentrate thereto awful music for over an hour?

A new Android feature called Hold on behalf of me , which Google just announced, may be ready to make those phone waits a touch more tolerable. Hold on behalf of me is currently available as a preview feature within the US for Google’s new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A (5G) phones.

Here’s how it works, consistent with Google: if you call a toll-free number and are placed on hold, Google Assistant will monitor the decision for you while you return to try to to ing whatever you would like to do. When a person’s being gets on the road , you’ll be notified with a sound, vibration, and a notification on the screen while the representative is asked to carry so you’ll take the decision . If at any time you get nervous and need to understand what’s happening , you’ll monitor what’s being said — or played — via real-time caption on your phone’s screen.

Currently, Hold on behalf of me is an optional feature which will be enabled in Google settings. It are often considered almost like other features Google has introduced to reinforce the phone experience, like call screening,

which uses voice transcription to permit you to ask an unknown caller for information before you really take the decision .

Personally, as someone who has spent only too much time taking note of an equivalent tunes over and once again , I can’t await it to become more widely available

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